“They’re happy because they are not me. […] What tremendous happiness not to be me!”
Fernando Pessoa as Alvaro de Campos

“What exists is the real world—not us, just the world. We are, in reality, what doesn’t exist.”
Pessoa as Alvaro de Campos

« I am not sure that I exist. »
J.L. Borges

“For, at the beginning of literature was myth, and also at its end.”
J. L. Borges

“This imminence of a revelation that does not occur is, perhaps, the artistic phenomenon.”
J. L. Borges

“The only paradise is paradise lost.”
Marcel Proust

“all the unsoiled light of the new day, of the new day at last, the day without precedent at last.”
Samuel Beckett

“no symbols where none intended”
Samuel Beckett

“To say what or where we came from has nothing to do with what or where we came from. We do not come from there any more, but only from each word that proceeds out of the mouth of the unnamed.”
W. S. Merwin

“For this is a strain of the great singing. None is more bereft, none more lonely, none more hopeless.”
W. S. Merwin

“We have been banished from paradise, yet paradise hasn’t been destroyed.”
Franz Kafka

“Without death everything would sink into absurdity and nothingness. […] Clearly, in me, the power to speak is also linked to my absence from being.”
Maurice Blanchot

“Language can only begin with the void; no fullness, no certainty can ever speak; something essential is lacking in anyone who expresses himself.”
Maurice Blanchot

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