Subito Press

Blending the fabulous with the macabre, the lyrical with the grotesque, the atemporal with the present, and melancholy with dark humor, these stories will take you from the ambiguous world of modern folktales where a man tries to catch Death in a box, to communist Eastern Europe where a man eats his own brains, to contemporary women who like garbage, or who prefer to keep their babies inside their bodies rather than give birth. Click here to read more.

coverElegy for a Fabulous World
Ninebark Press

From Communist Ukraine or an unidentified Eastern European country where Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Gypsies, Jews, Russians and Ukrainians coexist, to a New World of immigrants across the ocean, the stories in Elegy for a Fabulous World create a mythological space in which fable and reality are impossible to untangle. Click here to read more.
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